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Lead Artist, Owner

My name is Rebecca Jean, a seasoned Makeup Artist and Hairstylist with over 12 years of expertise, and CEO of Mobile Beauty Services LLC. My journey began solo, navigating the realms of pageants, runway, and the editorial world. I transitioned into the vibrant wedding industry when the pandemic reshaped our world. Recognizing the demand, I reached out to artists and grew a trusted team to carry my brand forward. Now, nearly four years later with the team, I'm elated to lead an educated and talented team, creating beauty experiences for our clients, that I'm truly grateful for.

I have been on an incredible journey with Mobile Beauty Services LLC, which has enriched my life beyond measure. Working with amazing people, including my team and beautiful clients, has been a true blessing, and I am grateful for our wonderful community every day. I am constantly learning from others and sharing my knowledge to help them solve their problems. 

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